Presentation of Webinterpret

What Is Webinterpret?

Webinterpret, founded in 2007 by Benjamin Cohen and Patrick Smarzynski, is an ecommerce localization solution specializing in international sales. Our mission is to fully democratize international e-Commerce and enable businesses of any size to offer their products anywhere in the world. With just a few clicks, a domestic seller can become an international seller on a variety of different platforms. We are committed to continuous innovation in this field, and our development team is always looking for new ways to make Webinterpret not only the best localization solution on the market, but also the best solution possible.

We love what we do, and we are always looking for ways to do it better.

webinterpretDevelopment of Webinterpret has established a core technology which can be used not only on most online store platforms, but also on Amazon or eBay with the use of extensions. One of the key goals of Webinterpret is that the technology be easy to use. We want sellers who are using our product to be fully integrated within moments of signing up. Just a few clicks sets our entire service in motion, and what that service is has taken some of our sellers from zero international business to having a full half of their revenue coming from other countries. This solution is powerful.

How do we accomplish such stellar results? Obviously, our developers play a huge role, but we staff hundreds of translation experts with local knowledge that make Webinterpret possible. Our localization experts help us to have some of the best translation tools available on the market today, enabling domestic sellers to interact with those who do not speak their language. These experts do much more than just translate text, however. They are also experts in knowing what will sell in their area. By investigating what is popular in their area, they help provide data to the system to help international sellers find buyers abroad.

This information is compiled for each online store and analyzed, providing the user the ability to explore items that are most likely to sell internationally. It is also used to create and publish seller’s listings on eBay and Amazon marketplaces with the specific goal of attracting international buyers. Furthermore, our team is fully staffed with dedicated personnel whose sole goal is to help each seller reach their fullest potential internationally. Not only that, but the software synchronizes your inventory across all of your eBay and Amazon Marketplace sites. Our software also maximizes your search visibility on foreign marketplaces, putting products that international buyers are interested in in front of them in their native language.

webinterpret 2With easy-to-use software and metrics, a fully managed service format, and one of the most robust localization teams in the world, Webinterpret wants to help your business go from domestic-only to international and to succeed on the international e-commerce stage. No longer does international commerce belong only to the largest players in a given industry. Our solution gives you the same access as your biggest competitors and the support you need to maximize your results.

We’re not done yet. Every day, we continue to search for new ways to help connect sellers on our platform to buyers across the world, and we continue to develop for new commerce platforms. Our goal is to have a version of our solution available for every major commerce platform and website, and we are well on our way. With Webinterpret, you’re not just buying a piece of software, you’re hiring some of the best minds in international sales to help you take your business to the next level. Let’s get started.